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30-90 Days ago

A good esthetician is not easy to find. Believe me, I know. Lupe can give a deep cleaning, including pores (which most estheticians have no idea how to do properly, and that's regardless of their price tag. The damaged pores may not be always noticeable after a few facials, but can be permanent in the longterm). Pores have been my Achilles heel for a long time. If anyone knows what works and what doesn't, it's me. And Lupe is one of the best. My skin looks and feels like Heaven when she's done.

(Anonymous, 45 days ago)

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To all Men , When I First went to Lupe my skin was filled with bumps and decades Of impacted Material , and tons of Acne scars , I had tried everything for decades and wasted An untold amount of Money nothing worked , Lupe started To work on my skin and now my skin is the best it has ever Been she has completely saved my Face and removed decades of impacted material, now I don’t buy anything at the store I just see here she takes care of my Skin and I use a simple product that she has me use , I had Severe Acne scars , they are almost all gone I am 57 years old and If You are a man out there that needs help this is the real deal , she is very knowledgeable and spends the time with me , I see her every 6’weeks or so and she has really helped my confidence , Men I recommended her to you She will change your life .

(Tony D., 371 days ago)

Lupe is an amazing skin care specialist; kind, caring, and focused on your individual needs. I have been with Lupe for 10+ years and recently my teenage son has experienced a facial and acne treatment. I trust her completely for ALL skin care needs.

(Tracie B., 1,308 days ago)

I have been receiving facials and massages for many years and I know I will never find another esthetian or massage therapist like Lupe. Her hands are magic and heal both the body and spirit. Lupe brings a wealth of knowledge, experience, and passion for her work to each visit. She lever stops learning and exploring new product and technique she can bring to the care of her clients. It is the beginning of a new year. Let Lupe help you find your best self. You will not be sorry. I hope she practices forever! Nita

(Anonymous, 1,333 days ago)

I feel so lucky to have discovered Therapeutic Skin Care. Lupe is now the only one I trust to take care of acne prone skin. She provides a personalized experience, unlike anything I have experienced before. Lupe’s facials are truly exceptional and leave my skin feeling healthy and rejuvenated.

(Anonymous, 1,501 days ago)

Awesome thanks

(Linda M., 1,642 days ago)

Lupe is a Reiki GOD. I had reiki done by her yesterday and it changed my life in so man ways. She got rid of all the negative energy that was holding me back in my life so postive enerey could come in. I will definitely be coming back and i would recomend her to everyone! She is the sweetest and amazing at what she does!

(Anonymous, 1,908 days ago)

I look soooo forward to Lupe's amazing facials. Not only are they very relaxing...my skin looks younger and dewier. Her products are awesome. I use the moisturizing products in the Remedios line. They're so rich and hydrating and my skin really looks great!

(Anonymous, 1,986 days ago)


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(Anonymous, 2,013 days ago)

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